2003年5月、RYDEENの練習に一銭も持って来ないTKC&KYCの極悪BadTwinsに帰って来る当ての無いスタジオ代を貸すのに嫌気 がさしたCaptain RydeenことMasaaki “KOBA” Swedenが、双子に貸した金の回収、及び練習代を捻出する目的で設立。

In May 2003, Masaaki “KOBA” Sweden aka Captain Rydeen, being fed up with lending studio monies to the Bad Twins TKC & KYC that KOBA lost hope for getting the cash back, established his own record label FADE IN RECORDS, to collect cash he’d lent to the twin, as well as to raise studio costs. FADE IN RECORDS was established as a music division of M.Sweden’s interior construction company K’s Tec Ltd.